Construction ERP

Construction ERP

Software is effective only if it can support the realities of your business and offercost effective solutions to your problems.

Adequate care has been taken to strengthen your backend systems, integrating all your functional departments by the use of a single business tool to seamlessly blend your property development with performance enhancement and accountability at every stage of the construction activity.

This means Integrated Construction, Equipment and Materials operations with back-office Financial operations enabling your Construction company to manage estimates, projects, changes, labor, billing, equipment, and materials, which means operational efficiencies, cost reductions and increased profits for your business.

Benefits at First Hand

  • SIncrease efficiency by streamlining communication and work management.

  • Access to last minute information as per different roles.

  • Effective inventory control and reduced inventory costs by balancing inventory with consumption.

  • Effective resource management.

  • Track actual costs and perform activity based costing.

All activities from Planning, pre-construction to post construction and completion can be captured and monitored with our Construction ERP system. Management can access and manage all onsite activities from anywhere anytime. Estimating is facilitated by system prompted activities.

Our ERP solutioons addresses all the project management, financial and operational requirements for executing construction and infrastructure projects.

Our system helps you manage and control your construction projects by giving you complete and instant access to its progress - take real time snapshots of how profitable your project is with full analysis of costs, revenues, liabilities and subcontractor performance.

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