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Internal web site teams are good to produce business results. Online agencies are good to do web "development". Both may have the skills to maintain your web site. The question is, is that the right structure to manage your web site?

Derive greater efficiency by right sourcing web site operations. Downsize operating cost. Right source your web site chores to Catabatic in India.

Process Model

So how does this whole process work? How does the engagement kick off? How do you control the deliveries, volume and quality of output? How do you scale the engagement?

There are three parts to the process model:

Part I
One time definition and transition
Part II
Ongoing management
Part III
Scaling the engagement

We are happy to share a detailed Process Model white paper with you, on request. For now, here is a quick overview of how it all hangs together.

One time definition and transition

  • Define scope of work involved in web site maintenance – number of updates, type of updates, frequency of updates, number of web sites, technology platform, volume of code, etc.

  • Define users with authority over each section of content

  • Set up remote access to a demo serve

  • Set up a SVN

  • Agree on effort estimate for each type of update

  • Determine turnaround time for each update

  • Calculate capacity and skill requirement

  • Set up resource and infrastructure based on capacity calculation
Ongoing management

  • You submit update request over Web Tracker

  • We login into development servers through SVN

  • We work on the source files based on instruction document

  • We make the corrections and upload into Web Tracker

  • You approve the delivery

  • You track actual vs planned output and capacity utilization, end of billing cycle

  • You optimize SLA and capacity
Scaling the engagement

Catabatic is most comfortable with an engagement based on spiraling capacity requirement. At each stage of engagement, we will evaluate comfort of all stakeholders before moving to the next stage.

  • Evaluate value of output

  • Evaluate next-level objectives, constraints and alternatives

  • Identify stakeholder win conditions
  • Identify next-level stakeholders

  • Move into one-time definition and transition for next capacity increase Engage with Catabatic. Increase efficiency of your operations.

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